Elwin Huaman

Elwin Huaman

M.Sc. Web Engineering

Innsbruck University

Elwin Huaman is a research assistant at the University of Innsbruck. His main interests are knowledge graphs, knowledge curation, data enrichment, representation, visualization and the combination with related technologies such as machine learning and statistics. He works developing semantic web technologies within the academy and the industry.

He leads the QUIPU: Quechua language-based Knowledge Graph project, which is a knowledge graph that preserves as much as possible all quechua knowledge in a structured format.

  • Knowledge Graphs
  • Knowledge Curation
  • Knowledge Validation
  • Quechua language
  • Semantic Web
  • PhD in Computer Science, 2019 (ongoing)

    Innsbruck University, Austria

  • Msc in Web Engineering, 2017

    Oviedo University, Spain

  • Msc in Digital Information Systems, 2014

    Salamanca University, Spain

  • BSc in Systems Engineering, 2012

    National University of Altiplano, Peru