WikiAndes [Bringing Wiki Projects to the Andes]

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For all generations, fundamentally young people and adults, the need to distinguish between disinformation and trustworthy content has become critical. Thus, we (WikiAndes team + Wikimedia Foundation) are implementing a Media and Information Literacy program, called Bringing Wiki Projects to the Andes.


  • Accessing, creating or sharing content opens up a wide range of possibilities for all, as well as new risks.
  • For supporting the information verification and evaluation.
  • For bringing Media and Information Literacy to life.


  • Supporting schools to fight misinformation—when students find misinformation, teachers will be prepared.
  • Helping teachers and students achieve their learning objectives.
  • Developing media and information literate citizens: Think critically, click wisely.


  • Supporting learning worldwide through free knowledge projects, e.g., Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom (RWiC).
  • Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom (RWiC) is the Wikimedia Foundation’s flagship teacher training program.
  • We are planning to implement the RWiC program in Peru, it will train 50 teachers in Puno region, in partnership with the Wikimedia Foundation.

Bringing Wiki Projects to the Andes

If you’re able, we’d love it if you could make a donation. Here are the ways to support us:

Thank you in advance for your contribution, which will support to “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all,” from the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4.

"It is now 30 years since I first heard my mother, Ninfa, use the word literacy. She taught Quechua speakers in Peru to read and write in Spanish, and today they are bilingual and can claim their rights in both languages. Now, it is my turn, and I believe that we need media and information literacy and the time to act is now." (Elwin Huaman)

Huaman Quispe
Huaman Quispe
Making it happen!

Instead of imposing what the Quechua communities should learn, we ask them what they would like to learn or improve. We then prepare workshops focused on the topics they want to address and invite experts in the field to travel to the communities and share their knowledge.

Elwin Huaman
Elwin Huaman
M.Sc. Web Engineering

I am interested on knowledge graphs, semantic web technologies, quechua language, and their applications.