Discover the true Quechua Culture staying with us

Explore our culture through alpacas, potatoes, quinoa and so on by staying with us in a beautiful Quechua community.

Image credit: Elwin Huaman

About your host: Ninfa Quispe

In the 1990s, I was a volunteer literacy promoter in seven of the most remote communitiesin Nuñoa (Huanacopampa, Padrepunco, América, Cauchiri, Ticuyo, Pilcocota and Orccorarapampa). I am Ninfa Quispe Condori, 54 years old and I live in the Huanacopampa community (4100 Peru), together with my husband Luis Huaman and my 4 children we have a small farm with alpacas,caws, dogs, and a cat, as well as we cultivate potatoes, quinua and some vegetables. And the most important thing is that everything we do, we do taking care of the Pachamama.

Where we will be

Huanacopampa is located in the south of Peru, between Machupicchu (Cusco) and Titikak lake (Puno) at 4100 meters of altitude in a district called Nuñoa. The people in the Nuñoa district are mainly indigenous citizens of Quechua descent. Quechua is the language which the majority of the population (83.60%) learnt to speak in childhood 2007 Peru Census.

What we will do

From Puno or Cusco, we will travel to Nuñoa district to visit all alpaca breeder families.Then, we will visit their farm, we will spend all the time with Ninfa’s family,she’ll explain about their lifestyle, how to cultivate potatoes, how to breed alpacas,how to harvest quinoa. Besides, she’ll teach about their Quechua cultural traditions and ceremonies.We’ll end the day eating delicious food made by Ninfa’s family with natural productsand enjoy taking pictures and walking around the farm.

What else you should know

  • We will customise the experience to your available time so if you have a few hours we can reduce the number of activities. we look forward to meeting you!
  • The Quechua experience does not include lodging if you want accommodation we can offer it, but it is an additional cost.

What we’ll provide

  • One tipical meal made with potatoes, alpaca meat, and vegetables.
  • Typical herbal tea from our town.
  • Pick and drop you up at some meeting point from Puno or Cusco.
Huaman Quispe
Huaman Quispe
Quechua Family

Instead of imposing what the Quechua communities should learn, we ask them what they would like to learn or improve. We then prepare workshops focused on the topics they want to address and invite experts in the field to travel to the communities and share their knowledge.