Our participation on the Alpaka-Expo 2024

We brought our traditions, knowledge, and culture on the breeding of alpacas.

Image credit: Elwin Huaman

Our first experience in the Alpaka-Expo 2024

Last week, I visited the Alpaka-Expo www.alpaka-expo.at, the biggest event of alpacas in Central Europe. We (my family and I) participated and brought part of our knowledge, culture, and traditions to the event.

The garments designed and knitted by my mother (Ninfa Quispe) were appreciated by the visitors, whose had the opportunity to feel connected to alpaca breeders of the Andes of Peru. We offered them a unique experience in every garment.

ICTS for indigenous languages

Thanks to the Pötsch Family

I want to thank Thomas Pötsch, Eva Pötsch, and Tina Pötsch for all your support, help, and kindness. This dream became true for me, my family, and certainly for the alpaca breeders in Nuñoa: “The world capital and heritage of the Suri alpaca”.

Elwin Huaman
Elwin Huaman
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I am interested on knowledge graphs, semantic web technologies, quechua language, and their applications.