Recording Voices of the Puno Quechua in Peru

We design a project to recording quechua language voices and make them findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable.

Image credit: Elwin Huaman

Help Save the Puno Quechua in Peru!

The Puno Quechua, spoken by over 40% of the population in Peru’s Puno region, is in danger of being lost. It’s mainly used in spoken communication, with no written resources or educational resources.

We are working to change that!

Our project, Qichwabase: A Structured Knowledge Base for the Quechua Language, is building a database of Quechua words, their usage, and translations. But we need your help to take it further.

Our Goal:

Record the voices of Quechua Collao speakers (including adults and elders) and make these recordings available on the Wikimedia Ecosystem. This will:

  • Support the creation of educational resources in Quechua
  • Empower educators, learners, researchers, Quechua community to revitalize their language
  • Aid in the preservation of this vital language


We are thrilled to announce that our project is supported by the Wikimedia Foundation! This aligns with their mission of promoting free access to knowledge around the world.

What We Will Do:

  1. Leverage the existing Qichwabase, a vast knowledge base of Quechua words and translations.
  2. Partner with communities in Nuñoa, Peru to record speakers with diverse backgrounds.
  3. Utilize the user-friendly LinguaLibre tool to capture high-quality audio.
  4. Deposit the recordings on Wikimedia Commons, ensuring global accessibility.

❤️ How You Can Help:

Your contribution, big or small, will make a significant impact on preserving this unique language and its cultural heritage. We welcome:

  • Financial Donations: Every donation will directly support travel, equipment, and workshop expenses.
  • In-Kind Donations: Do you have expertise in linguistics, audio recording, or outreach? We value your volunteer time!
  • Spreading the Word: Share this project with your network and raise awareness about the importance of language preservation.

🫂 Together, let’s ensure the Quechua language continues to thrive for generations to come!

Quechua Community in Nuñoa 1

Quechua Community in Nuñoa 2

Quechua Community in Nuñoa 3

Quechua Community in Nuñoa 4

Elwin Huaman
Elwin Huaman
M.Sc. Web Engineering

I am interested on knowledge graphs, semantic web technologies, quechua language, and their applications.